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Ken Doherty’s Mum has Sadly Passed Away

Snooker ace Ken Doherty has revealed his grief over his mother’s death admitting: “I’m still in shock over it.”

His mum Rose passed away on Mother’s Day at a Dublin hospice, just three weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Ken, whose dad died when he was 13, told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “It was a very short illness, she was only diagnosed three weeks before she passed.

“You’ve only got one mother and father. I keep looking at my phone saying I’ll give her a ring and then I remember. I’m absolutely devastated, still in shock over it.”

The 47-year-old, who is the guest chef on this week’s episode of TV3’s The Restaurant, revealed he will watch the show with a lump in his throat.

He dedicated half of his menu to his mother and the other half to his Indian-born wife Sarah, but sadly Rose died six weeks after filming and before the episode aired.

He said: “It will be hard to watch. I’m in the UK commentating at the snooker so I’ll have to see it online.

“But I know it will be difficult because they’re going to put up a picture of her at the end. I’ll be sad watching it.

“It’s such a shame because my mother was a great cook, always in the kitchen baking.

“It’s really an ode to her, that was why I wanted to do the show in the first place. I’m just so disappointed that she never got to see it. She would have liked it.

“Her side of the menu was a traditional chicken and mushroom vol-au-vent which she used to cook a lot for us when we were younger.

“She used to bake lovely apple tarts and eclairs. She was great at making cakes, she used to make wedding cakes, Christmas cakes, you name it.

“I did a trio of desserts with mini eclairs, apple tart and lemon meringue, as a kind of tribute to her.”

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