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Kerry Katona Deeply Upset After Trolls Targeted Daughter Molly Online

Kerry Katona has branded online trolls as “low-life” after they targeted her teenage daughter Molly.

The 15-year-old was attacked after photos of her and Mother Kerry at Thorpe Park were published online after a family trip to the theme park earlier this month.

via Twitter

via Twitter

While some picked Kerry’s parenting skills apart, others targeted Molly’s appearance, and even her choice to wear make-up.

However some fans did jump to their defence, as some commented on how “great” the photos were, and one added:

“Good to see you and daughter Molly had a great time at Thorpe park it just shows how close and good you are to your kids.”


Speaking about the upsetting experience during an appearance on Loose Women today, Kerry said she knew as soon as she saw the photos what the reaction would be.

Admitting it turned out to be a good thing in the end, she said: “Fortunately it did hit headlines with my daughter, because it highlighted the low lives the trolls are.”


Janet Street Porter then asked the star if the experience would make her more protective of her children, but Kerry claimed she wouldn’t change the way she behaved.

This included sheltering them from comments online, she explained: “[Trolling] happens wherever they go, I’m not going to stop them going on social media. It makes them stronger to see what people will say.”

via Twitter

via Twitter

Molly also sent her own statement to Loose Women, stating: “Hey everybody at Loose Women, I just want to let you all know that trolling can be really hurtful and damage some people’s self-esteem.

“But personally it doesn’t affect me because I’m a really strong person, and I was brought up by really strong parents…and ‘ok’ siblings. But I think it’s kind of pathetic and childish.”

via Instagram

via Instagram

Good on you Molly you little legend!

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