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Kerry Katona Shows Off Incredible 3st Weight Loss in Bikini Photo Shoot

Kerry Katona has channelled Pamela Anderson for a new magazine shoot where she unveiled the results of her 3st weight loss.

The Atomic Kitten star recently underwent liposuction and had four and a half litres of fat removed from her body.

The 36-year-old put on an iconic Baywatch swimsuit and posed for a magazine cover shoot to celebrate her hot new bod:


Speaking to Reveal Magazine, who helped transform the singer into Pamela for the day, Kerry said: “The doctors pulled four-and-a-half litres of fat out.

“I was a dress size 14 and I’m an 8 now. I’ve lost three stone, from 12-and-a-half stone to nine-and-a-half stone.”

While the surgery helped Kerry get the initial weight off, she added she had “lost loads” since then after exercising “non-stop”.

She explained: “Because I’m bipolar, exercise is the best thing to do.

“I do exercise every day – about an hour of yoga every morning – that’s my time to relax, balance and connect with myself.

“I also do cardio in the gym, probably about two hours a week. I’ve also cut out carbs and alcohol.”

The mother-of-five is keen to expand her brood with husband George Kay, however she doesn’t want to give up her new body just yet.

She said: “George is desperate for one. I’ll have one more, but not yet – not after all this hard work.”

You look unreal Kerry – Pam needs to watch her back!


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