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Kid Graduates High School With His Amazing Dog

This kid graduated high school with his amazing dog.

Tyler McCready and his faithful pup, Sinatra, graduated high school together.

Their friendship has been literally been life saving, according to the Dodo.

Tyler, who lives in Arkansas, has type-1 diabetes, which means he has to monitor his blood sugar levels frequently, however it’s not always easy to know if a problem is coming on.

It wasn’t until a few years ago when Tyler began slipping into a coma because his levels were off, that his family decided he needed more. That’s when they got him Sinatra, a service dog specially trained at detecting dangerous changes in Tyler’s blood levels.

Speaking to the Dodo, Tyler revealed how his dog has saved his life in more ways than one.

“Sinatra lets me know when my sugar is spiking or dropping,” Tyler told The Dodo. “He has saved my life thousands of times.”

Before Sinatra came along, Tyler struggled with depression arising from his health problems, and from feeling like an outcast at school. At his lowest point, he even considered suicide.

“As the years passed it started to wear on me. I started getting less and less positive,” Tyler said. “But then Sinatra came and saved me from all that. He’s the only friend I really need.”

The duo became well known around school, and had the honour off graduating together.

“It was awesome,” said Tyler. “I got the loudest applause out of everyone, which I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t very popular until Sinatra came along.”

What an amazing story!


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