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Kym Marsh admits that her children really helped when she lost her son Archie

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Kym Marsh has said that her children really helped her when she lost her son Archie.

Corrie Actress, Kym, says that her children David and Emilie helped her  to ‘move forward’ from the stillbirth back in 2009, which left her feeling lost.

Opening up in a heartbreaking interview with The Sun on Sunday, the Corrie actress revealed that although she felt utterly lost having both her children and a supportive network around her, she never thought about taking her own life.

“After Archie died I was utterly lost,” she said.

Adding, “I never got to the point of thinking about taking my own life, but I don’t know how I might have felt if I hadn’t had two young children and a good support network around me.

The actress said that while playing her part on Corrie the toughest thing was trying to separate her experience from her characters.

“It was important this was Michelle’s story and not Kym’s. But I did have to go back to those places,” she said.

“After ‘cut’ was called, I had to sit there for a few minutes, telling myself, ‘It’s Michelle, not Kym’” she went on to explain.


The star also spoke about her struggle after losing her son Archie, who she had with former husband Jamie Lomas, saying she felt pointless.

“When I lost Archie, all I could think was, ‘Why has this happened to me?’” she said.

“I had carried a baby for nearly six months and yet what did I have? What was the point in it all?

Adding, “Archie wasn’t even weighed, I don’t know why, and he didn’t have a birth certificate. All I had was a leaflet they gave me when I left hospital.”

She says that after the lose she didn’t want to leave the house, or see anyone, or hear them laugh.

What a brave woman for playing this part, and for continuing to open up about an issue that isn’t always talked about.


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