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RSVP Businesswoman of the Week: Lucy Earley – Founder, Artisyn Communications

Lucy Earley, Editor of Salon Magazine, recently set up Artisyn Communications, an agency specialising in PR, growth hacking and social media solutions for Irish startups in the beauty, food, music and lifestyle industries.



What sparked the idea for your business?

I originally worked as a marketing consultant after qualifying with the PRII. I approached Irish startups to do some freelance PR, and really enjoyed working with them. One was Emma’s Eco-Soy Candles. When they started to expand nationwide and overseas, I realised that I had a real talent for it. Startups are doing a lot of their own marketing and PR –  and that’s really hard work when you’re trying to get a business off the ground. We want to take away that worry and stress. During our business research phase we found that there’s not much transparency when it comes to PR company fees, I’ve had replies such as: “how long is a piece of string?” We’re always upfront about our fees. One of our favourite new brands is Vintage Finds You; we organised their launch in The Drury Buildings hosted by Sonya Lennon. I’m also the PR Officer for The Guinness Choir and helped them to sell out their last two Christmas Concerts. At the moment I’m working with some excellent beauty and lifestyle brands, including Eminence Skincare, which is an amazing range.

What is the most difficult aspect of running your own business?

Organisation of time. I find that time slips away really fast, also childcare issues can be tough, and the ‘mummy guilt’. My wonderful little two-year-old is in a crèche, and even though she loves it, I still feel guilty when I leave her in, in the morning.

What has been the biggest lesson?

I think that you should know your worth, and recognise your talents. Some things won’t go your way and some will, and that’s just the way life goes.

What is the plan for 2017 and going forward?

Expand, and expand more. I’m looking forward to working with some fantastic brands in 2017.

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