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L’Ecrivain’s SallyAnne Clarke Talks About Her Daily Diet And Exercise Regime

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Sallyanne Clarke

Breakfast – I wouldn’t have breakfast everyday but if I do ,I love a cup of tea, with a piece of toast, lots of butter and raspberry jam. I usually just grab a cup or tea and maybe a banana on my way into the restaurant.

Lunch – As I am usually serving lunch in the restaurant, it could be 3.30 before I eat anything. I would take home something from the restaurant, we could have steak, pork or maybe we would try something new from the supplier. When we are at home Derry has his own range of bacon, sausages and pudding that are always in the fridge, we would cook up that with some nice toast.

Dinner – I would grab something small before serve around 6.30 – maybe some cured salmon, scallops and what ever goes with it. After server which is 10.30/11 we would eat some of the left over trimmings or if very hungry the guys would make something up for me as we would be on our feet and up and down the stairs all evening.

Snacks – I would eat chocolate everyday. I have such a sweet tooth that I would rather a bar of chocolate to a meal. I love Cadbury’s and Galaxy. I was at an event last night and I came home and had a cup of tea and a toberlone that was in the fridge. I am glad now that it is gone.

Water – I don’t drink enough water. I would drink 1/2 to 1 litre a day.

Alcohol – I drink when I am out for a night or an event but I could go from one end of the week to the next without have a drink as I just can’t as I have to drive to work. We don’t really drink at home.




No, I don’t do a lot of exercising at all. I have bike that I go on a couple of times a week but I am on my feet all the time and running up and down stairs at work.

Do you worry about your weight or health? 

No, I am fit, I am healthy but I do know I need to lose weight but my size has never affected my health. I don’t fret over being over weight, it would be nice to be my ideal weight but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t affect me, there are more important things in life.

What is your biggest indulgence? 

Chocolate. My ideal treat would be a glass of Rose wine and a bar of chocolate.

Do you take supplements? 

Yes, I take fish oils and vitamin D. I also take Viviscal for my hair, when my son Andrew died my hair fell out and I find it really works, not only for my hair but for my nails ad skin also.

Do you have any allergies? 

Yes, firstly I am allergic to penicillin. But with food I can’t eat strawberries or spices. I know what causes the upset now but I have to be careful.

What would you last meal be? 

Cured Organic Salmon – Mi-cuit, Cucumber, Vinegar, Oyster Cream, Dill

Aged Black Angus Beef Celeriac, Wild Garlic, Onion, Roasting Jus

Bitter Chocolate Ganache Walnut, Jerusalem Artichoke, hantilly Cream

Tea / Coffee & Petits Fours

All washed down with a bottle of Mariana Portuguese Rose!

Paul Byrne of BodyByrne

Paul Byrne of BodyByrne


With having such an active job I’m sure you don’t struggle with your weight. As you said you feel fit and healthy and your weight has never affected your health. However with such an active job you would be at risk of repetitive strain injuries, osteopenia and later in life osteoporosis. Without cleaning up your diet and adding 1 specific strength training session per week to help protect your muscles, joints and bones your risk to joint problems will increase the older you get. Below are some tips to help:

Breakfast: With such a busy job It is so important for you to take some time in the morning to start the day with a healthy balanced breakfast. Porridge made with oats, almond or coconut milk, some nut butter and chopped banana is one of my favourites. If you prefer a hot style cooked breakfast Eggs, avocado and some sweet potato also works great. You want a balanced meal of good quality protein, fats and slow digesting carbs to keep your energy levels going for a few hours.

Lunch: As you have such a big gap from breakfast I would try to have a dinner style meal around 3.30pm after you finish your service. Another fully balanced meal of lean meats, vegetables and some slow digesting carbs is a must if you are working straight through until 10.30pm.

Snacks: I know chocolate can be an easy energy fix on the go but with a more balanced breakfast and lunch you’ll find you’ll crave that sugar fix a lot less. Try snacking on chopped fruit a couple times per day and drink lots of water. Dehydration can seriously effect energy levels.

Dinner: As you are eating so late I’d try sticking with a smaller meal of protein, fats and veggies. Something like Chicken, avocado and some green veggies is a good example flavoured to your liking. You have the added benefit of some great chefs to cook up a storm for you so make sure to put your order in every evening.

Exercise: I train a couple of restauranteurs and there are some common knee, hip and back problems I have come across which are a big risk in your industry. From being so active and on your feet all day it is common for muscle imbalances to arise from overworking some of the lower body while the back and some parts of the upper body can go into atrophy from under development. Essentially to protect your joints and avoid any common impact injuries I alway recommend any clients in the restaurant industry to schedule one hour per week and get a very individual full body strength training program designed for them to help stay balanced, strong and flexible as it is so important in the long term that your body is working great as your job is so active.

Kind regards,

PT Supervisor / Personal Trainer 

Tel 01 6779182

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