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Liam Payne Admits That He Fears He’ll Miss Baby Bear’s Biggest Milestones In Life

Cheryl and Liam Payne welcomed their first child, baby Bear, back in March.

Following his son’s birth, the former One Direction singer has been extremely busy releasing his first solo single, Strip That Down.

Having just returned from working in LA, it seems as though he will be going away again, to work on his album.

And, speaking to OK! Magazine the 23 year old opened up about fears he would miss the newborn’s milestones.

When asked how the fatherhood was treating him, he explained: “It’s just the best thing ever. 


“I had him today and we were singing through songs, and he’s just learnt to giggle! It’s the best thing.

“I’m going away soon, so I hope I don’t miss too much of the laughs”.

“I know he’s going to be moving soon, he’s going to be crawling soon, so it’s going to be a nightmare seeing him crawling around the house!”

And discussing his romance with girlfriend Cheryl, he revealed she was “really enjoying” her time with baby Bear.

“Cheryl was saying it’s the best time she’s ever had in her life. She’s really enjoying herself at the moment, which is great. My job is to make her happy, and as long as I’m doing that, what more can I ask for?”


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