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Liam Payne reveals Cheryl hates discussing the age gap between them


Liam Payne has revealed that Cheryl hates discussing the age gap between them.

The couple welcomed their first child, son Bear together this year.

However, Liam admitted that the 10-year age gap between them is a sore point.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show today he admitted that Cheryl doesn’t like talking about the fact that they first met when he was 14 in 2008, saying:

“She doesn’t like talking about that.”

He also discussed whether he gets annoyed that the majority of people refer to the mother of his child by her ex-husband’s names, and admitted she has returned to her maiden name, saying:

“Her name is officially Cheryl Tweedy now, but to be honest it doesn’t really bother me, we have a kid together, there’s a lot more to our life,”

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