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Lippy: Kate Talks Twilight, Brushes and Charity!

Lady and the vamp……

Companies choose very carefully, the face that will represent their brand. I assume the celebrity endorsing the product also chooses wisely who he/she would like to be associated with. I spoke already of the lovely Julia Roberts for Lancôme, wholesome, yummy mummy Julia pushing luxury skincare, make up and fragrance for a youthful yet mature lady. Kate Moss and Rimmel, another match made in heaven. Edgy, british rock and roller lifestyler who puts her make up on and is always jumping in a cab….

I know as I mentioned earlier that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I personally can not see the appeal of Kristen Stewart. She just might be one of the most unattractive celebrity’s to hit the big screen in a long time. I’m not saying she is ugly, everything’s in the right place…she just so unattractive to look at.  Makes me kinda of want to look away. I was so disappointed when respected fashion house Balenciaga gave her a fragrance and now I learn that Essence have launched a range of ‘Twilight’ products so “you too can look like Bella….”

Probably genius as their biggest customers are the tween generation and who wouldn’t want a chance of bagging their very own Edward. (Another should be handsome looking chap who just wouldn’t do it for me!?)

But ladies, lets not judge a book by its cover. If we can look past the posters and adverts of this “gargoyle” while reaching for our products, I’m sure you’ll take home some wonderful treats for under a fiver. The new range includes Breaking Dawn shimmer powder, eyeshadow pigments, glitter eyeliners and lip gloss. As well as nail shades in Jacobs Love and Edwards Love. OMG!! Really?

Perfect for the up coming party season if nothing else or your 13 year old sister/niece/god child will think you’re the coolest sister/aunt/godmother EVER!!

Essence make up is available in pharmacies nationwide as well as select Dunnes and Pennys. For a list of all local stockists please contact 01 450 7771


A bad workman quarrels with his tools…

I’m often asked, how important are make up brushes? I’m regularly horrified to see people with thousands of €€€ worth of make up and not one applicator to put it on correctly. It baffles me. You wouldn’t attempt to style your hair without a hair brush so what makes you think you will apply neat eyeshadow with your finger?

When I was first starting out in make up and would call to a friends house on a Friday evening, her older sister would always descend the stairs, dressed up to go out, find me in the kitchen and exclaim…”oh great, Kate’s here she can do my face,” to which I’d reply “not tonight, I don’t have my brushes with me!” What would subsequently follow would be me forced to used her sponge tip applicators and tiny brushes that come with your products and after a generous amount of cursing and fiddling with tiny tools I’d show her the mirror, only to be met with “I thought you were meant to be unreal at dis?”

So yes girls, I can’t stress how important the correct tools are. Would you hand a carpenter wood and nails and tell him make you a chair? Not without giving him a hammer and saw at least!  There are so many brushes to choose from and I don’t blame people for getting bogged down.

Your brushes don’t have to be outrageously expensive but buy cheap buy twice too as my own dad always says. Natural fibres apply powder products better and synthetic fibres apply creams and liquids better. Synthetic fibres shouldn’t be a small mortgage so I wouldn’t spend too much on a foundation brush. I find these need to be replaced quite regularly too so my above quote is irrelevant when you’re buying twice anyway.


Also you don’t need 57 brushes; a few for the eyes, a foundation brush, a powder and blusher brush should usually suffice. A critical brush that a lot of people miss out is a blending brush. Yet everyone somehow seems to own a flat applicator brush (a job you can pretty much do with your finger at a push!)

Investing in pricier brushes is just that, an investment. I still have some brushes I bought 11 years ago when I started out. They are a little worse for wear but I hang on to some of them as I’ve moulded and tapered them over time, into the perfect shape. My advice would be to start out in the middle of the road price range and see how you get on. When it comes to replacing that brush in time, and your happy you get use out of it then invest in a more luxury replacement!



My favourite brush brands include…

Body shop




Laura Mercier



Guilt trip!! 

If someone could give you one present, anything at all, what would you like?

A car, to win the lotto, to be ‘skinny’? All good answers but what about perfume? Not top of the list?

My sister recently returned from a volunteering trip to Kolkata with The Hope foundation.  (She’s the hippy one in the family and is always helping people in need) We grew up in a philanthropic household. I help humanity with beauty advice and caring for other’s needs, she feeds the homeless. It’s all relative!

Some of her stories were heartbreaking but one in particular really resonated with me. Hope runs many residential homes in Kolkata for children rescued from a life on the street. Not only do they give them a clean bed, clothes, food and an education they give them what every child needs and longs for, a mother’s love, someone to care for them. This care is provided by ‘House Mothers’. These are women, most of them mother’s themselves, who work in the homes around the clock caring for the children. To put it in perspective €5 educates, clothes, feeds and houses one child for one week. If Hope wasn’t there these children would face a life on the street working, begging, being abused or, worse even, dead.

On speaking with the House Mothers a group member asked ‘if someone could give you one present, anything at all what would you like?’ to which they unanimously replied ‘Perfume’. All the volunteers were bemused. This is probably the most standard gift here in Ireland. Especially at Christmas. But you must understand perfume in India is the same price as it is here which is often 2-3 month’s salary and it’s just a luxury they can not afford.

So Jean and the volunteers took it upon themselves to arrange a spa day for the House Mothers.  Using the basic cosmetics they had brought with them and fleecing  their hotel  of minis (she gets that from me)  they practised  yoga, facials, massage, mani/pedi, make up and most importantly someone treating them like a queen. (Jean was entrusted as the make up artist, under the assumption she had it in her blood…eye roll…I like to tell her the reason her artistry skills are lacking is because she’s so naturally pretty she never had to learn…..!).

Jean told me one of the carers is due to be married soon and  it would be her dream come true if she could have a concealer to correct a large area of pigmentation on her face, while western brides here are fussing over chair covers and wedding favours and booking their make up artist two years in advance.  It’s not an epidemic or a massive developing country issue but it just puts things in perspective. How the little things we take for granted and would consider basic needs are pure luxury to others. The carers floated out of work that day and Jean spotted them skipping home. Each woman left with a small gift pack including a bottle of perfume to keep for their very own! It’s amazing how some ‘me time’ can lift a person.

So when you are prodding and poking and moaning and groaning about your appearance, take a minute to appreciate how lucky you are. If you woke up in a warm clean bed, had food and fresh water to drink, if you had the privilege of an education, if you aren’t at risk of abuse or being trafficked then you are already luckier than the millions of people in Kolkata living below the poverty line.

This Christmas as you struggle to fit into your party clothes or go through your regime of buff, wax, tan, shave, polish, paint and shimmer then spare a thought for those less fortunate than us, who only dream of owning a bottle of perfume.

To donate to Hope or buy a gift for a loved one this Christmas visit:

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