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This is how long sex lasts for the average couple

Have you ever wondered how your sex compares to the average couple? Well a lot of people have, and one question that many people wonder, is how long does sex last for the average couple? A new study has revealed the truth and it’s not as long as you would think.

According to the study, the average sex session lasts 19 minutes. This is broken down to 10 minutes of foreplay, and 9 minutes of intercourse.

The survey asked 4,400 people about their sex lives. 52 per cent of the couples surveyed said that their sex lasts as long as they would, however, but 23 per cent of men and 15 per cent of women wish it wasn’t over so soon, according to The Irish Independent.

The survey also revealed that 21% of the time couples have to “make do” with a “quickie” due to time restraints.

Around 25% of the people surveyed said they would like their sex to last over 30 minutes, however, two thirds said they would like it to last at least 15 minutes.

The survey was carried out by Lovehoney, an online sex toy retailer, as part of their ‘Mind The Gap’ campaign. The campaign aims to help more couples achieve shared orgasms.

What do you think about the results? We were quite shocked by the results.


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