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Lucy Kenneally: From 22 Stone to a 10K Runner After Losing 10 stone 11LBS

Lucy Kenneally’s story is nothing short of remarkable. She weighed 22 stone and with the help of Motivation, she dropped 10 stone 11lbs to completely turn her life around and become the person she always wanted to be.

Lucy before.

“I had always struggled with weight growing up. Like most young people, all I wanted to do was spend time out and about with my friends, making new ones and having fun. The reality was that I really didn’t enjoy being in company. To be honest, I felt self-conscious of my size and to make it worse, I found it very difficult to find clothes that would fit me comfortably.

Lucy before.

“As time progressed I gained more weight and my confidence dropped even further and the crazy thing is that I turned to food more and more for comfort. I also found that drinking helped mask my shyness and I would often have that extra drink before leaving the house for a night out. This only made my weight problem worse. I was trapped in a vicious cycle and nothing I tried seemed to work.

“Carrying so much extra weight was costing me financially as well as negatively impacting my health and wellbeing. At the time, I would have spent a fortune on junk food, alcohol and clothes. Since losing the weight I’ve saved over €900 a year on clothes alone, since I am no longer forced to buy speciality clothes to fit the old me.

Lucy now

“I heard of Motivation through a friend and was bowled over by the results. With the help of Motivation my friend had literally shrunk to half her size, I couldn’t get over it. For me, I was really struck by her new-found confidence and more than anything, how happy she was. In that moment, I knew what I had to do to rescue my life. I contacted the Motivation clinic in Ennis and with the team’s help and support I learned to take back control of my diet and successfully manage my weight for the first time.

“I can think of no one word that can describe how I feel these days. I have a completely new life. I can now go into any shop and buy clothes in my new size. Exercise is important and I’ve taken up running and love 10k runs. Alcohol no longer plays an important role in my life. Motivation has given me the confidence to do things I would not have dreamed of before.

“From 22 stone to 10k runs, sometimes I pinch myself, it’s been an incredible journey and I’m so happy.”

Motivation Weight Management operate a nationwide network of weight loss clinics. So, whether you want to lose a few pounds or a few stone, we’ll give you the key to staying slim and healthy FOR LIFE.

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