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Man has the WORST phobia in the world


The mere sight of chocolate makes TV producer Andrew Bullock freak out.

Everybody loves chocolate, everybody!  It’s there to brighten us up on bad days, or to have with a nice hot cup of tea, but it seems for some –for one man in particular – there is nothing more terrifying the creamy-brown bliss that is chocolate.

Andrew suffers with xocolatophobia – an irrational fear of chocolate and Andrew has told Express UK that is phobia has affected his social life drastically.

‘I know that for some people living without chocolate would be nightmare. For me it’s the opposite. I can’t stand to even look at it, let alone put it in my mouth’ he said. ‘The worst chocolate bar is Cadbury Flake because it crumbles easily. If I touch chocolate I feel dirty. Even if I wash my hands I feel like it’s still there’.

We can’t go a day without chocolate, let alone a lifetime. Our hearts go out to Andrew. He won’t be able to celebrate that Friday feeling with a Crunchie tonight.

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