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Man Who Raped 12 Year Old Girl Walks Away Free Because He Thought She Was 16

A man who raped a 12-year-old girl has walked free from court with no punishment.

According to The Irish Independent, Daniel Cieslak of Leith in Edinburgh, was granted an absolute discharge by a judge in the High Court in Glasgow.

According to reports, the student had sex with the girl in July 2015 after meeting her at a taxi rank in Edinburgh city centre and admitted that he had sex with the girl but denied it was rape.

He said he genuinely believed she was 16 and reportedly burst into tears when police revealed her true age.

Judge Lady Scott said she had decided “justice is best served” by taking the “wholly exceptional decision” to give Cieslak an absolute discharge.

She said the purpose of the law was to “protect young girls” but that there were “exceptional circumstances” and no public interest in a punishment in this case.

There was no suggestion of grooming and the 12-year-old girl was sexually active, the judge told the court.

Cieslak will not be put on the sex offenders list.

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