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This is how many sexual partners you should have before settling down

We’re not sure how we feel about this…..

A recent survey has determined the ideal number of sexual partners you should have before you settle down.

The study, which was carried out by dating site Illicit Encounters, has revealed that most people consider 12 to be the perfect number of people to have slept with before deciding to commit to ‘the one’

According to the research, 12 shows that a person is ‘sexually adventurous, liberal and transient.’

On the other end of the scale, 19 was said to be too many people, while having slept with 10 people would make you ‘sexually inexperienced.’

Christian Grant, spokesman for told the DailyMail: “Men are a little more self-conscious when it comes to competition.

“They want to be seen as the biggest and best; whether that stems from genuinely wanting to satisfy their partner or to massage their own ego is another matter entirely. Women on the other hand, they’re just happy to enjoy the moment, past experiences aside.”

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