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Maura Derrane rocks stunning leather dress

Maura Derrane rocks stunning leather dress from Littlewoods, she looks amazing!

The Today Show presenter admitted that she has always wanted one of these in her wardrobe.

Via Instagram

We are not surprised that fans are already clambering to get their hands on this “out there” dress- which is currently on sale.

Posing in front of big mirror, Maura’s selfie also showed off her brand new hair style.

Maura Derrane

Recently, the Galway admitted that she has a sweet tooth and that is her downfall when it comes to healthy eating.

Speaking to RSVP Magazine, she said: “I became too used to snacking on the go, reaching for a chocolate bar to give me that energy boost. I’ve always started the day well, with porridge or something healthy, but as the day progresses I get worse.

“Now I’m trying to have a good breakfast, a good lunch and a light evening meal, I am still snacking a little bit. But I don’t feel so guilty because I feel at least I’m working out. And I don’t believe people can be perfect seven days a week, I need my treats, I don’t like the feeling of being restricted. Because in the end you break out and binge eat everything.

“But even after a few sessions I noticed I had lost inches on my waist and hips and this was without even trying with my diet. So if you do combine the two, which I’m now on a mission to do, I think that’s when everything comes together.”

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