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Meet BadDad, The Domesticated Superhero

We have heard about the wonderful Bat Kid this week, but you may have just missed out on  BatDad, the domesticated superhero. Rather than fighting crime, his efforts are mainly focused on gentler tasks such as birthday parties, potty-training and teeth-brushing, all the while teaching his kids good manners in a fun-filled way.

One clip shows his son sitting on the dining table wearing only a nappy and T-shirt. ‘Benjamin! Tables are for glasses, not asses’. His wife, Jen, has also become a central character in his Vines, however she doesn’t always share her children’s good humor when confronted by her husband’s antics.

"I have four kids and a mask" - BatDad

“I have four kids and a mask” – BatDad

The man behind the mask, Blake Wilson, is a father of four from from Atlanta, Georgia. He said “I’m just kind of poking fun at everything parents have to go through, it’s all stuff that, whether you’re a child, a parent, a grandparent, it’s little situations that everybody can relate to.”

With nearly 9 million views on YouTube,  we look forward to many more parenting tips from this household hero.

[youtube id=”YlVi0noRr-o”]

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