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Melanie Reilly: Lost 5 stone back in 2011 and has maintained that weight loss for 6 years and counting

Melanie Reilly lost 5 stone back in 2011 and she has maintained that weight loss for 6 years and counting. Those of you that have tried diets before will know that keeping the weight off is by far the biggest challenge.

Melanie before.

“I had a very unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle in general. I had no work/life balance. I was unaware of how much weight I had actually put on. I had low confidence levels and I was self-conscious of my body image. On top of that I always felt tired and complained of no energy.

“A work colleague told me about Motivation Weight Management, having joined herself and successfully lost weight. I knew I had to do something to turn my life around as my eating habits were affecting other areas of my life. I wanted to be slim, fit and healthy again and to maintain a healthy weight. I contacted the Motivation clinic in the Beacon Medial Centre.

“I found the Motivation programme life changing in lots of ways. The concept was not complicated and it was so effective. I loved the way it dealt with the emotion behind the eating and was not just ‘another diet’. And, as I’ve discovered, I made lifestyle changes that I’ve maintained for over 6 years now.

Melanie before.

“I received great support from my Motivation consultant. I built up a good relationship as things were open and relaxed and I was able to talk over any issues. I was made to feel very comfortable from day one. They kept me on track knowing that I was checking in each week. Also, the fact that all my consultations were private provided a good support structure to go through any areas I was unsure of. I got lots of hints and tips for getting through difficult times such as holidays, long or shift working hours, where food may become a potential problem if not in my normal routine.

“I started to lose weight from week one and I felt really motivated by this. The food plan was very easy to stick to and I never felt hungry. The programme consists of excellent motivational tools. I found the CDs and book that came with the initial folder particularly helpful. I read the book about 5 times, over and over. I think it helped recondition me so I could think differently about my relationship with food and the potential blockages that sat behind the overeating.

“I lost 5 stone with Motivation and feel reinvented! I am much more confident, active, self-assured. I now have an active healthy lifestyle including running. Something I would not have attempted before I joined Motivation.

“Motivation has changed my life for the better in so many ways. There is so much more to be gained apart from weight loss by walking through the doors of Motivation. Just take that first step!”

Motivation Weight Management operate a nationwide network of weight loss clinics. So, whether you want to lose a few pounds or a few stone, we’ll give you the key to staying slim and healthy FOR LIFE.

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