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Michael Schumacher’s family were threatened

Michael Schumacher’s family were threatened in a cruel twist of events last year.

His wife and kids were targeted by a sick blackmailer.

The man, who appeared in a German court, said he would harm Schmacher’s children unless a large sum of money was paid in to his back account.

“A German painter named only as Huseyin B., 25, sent an email to the F1 legend’s wife Corinna making the chilling threat.

“He asked for a ‘small donation; of £770,000 to be paid within weeks or else ‘your children will be in some way unlucky’, Reutlingen District Court in Germany heard.

“The threat, sent on Valentines Day last year, added: ‘A lot of accidents happen in Formula 4’ — the race series in which son Mick, 18, is a driver.

“Corinna, 48, immediately contacted police in Switzerland, where the family live, and provided detectives with the email,” reports The Sun.

Michael Schumacher

The man was easily tracked down by police and he pleaded guilty in court this week.

Judge Eberhard Hausch sentenced him to one year and nine months’ probation.

He also received a £3,900 penalty, 50 hours community service and will have to undergo psychiatric therapy.

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