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Mind Your Joints This Running Season: Keep inflammation at bay with these top tips…

Whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the muscle soreness and joint pain in the 12- to 48-hour time frame after a vigorous workout can serve as a major frustration.

Try these tips to help reduce inflammation and facilitate quicker recovery times.

• Healthy Eating: Some natural foods have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for joints: Berries, fresh fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, dried fruit, wholegrain bread, rice, quinoa and millet, oily fish, spices such as ginger and curcumin, raw nuts or seeds and drinking 8 glasses of water, coconut water, green vegetable juices or herbal teas – nettle tea, green tea, ginger tea or chamomile tea will all help.

• Good Fats: Getting the right balance of Essential Fatty Acids is vital in managing inflammation. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are considered essential as our bodies cannot produce these fats, so we must obtain them from a healthy diet or through supplementation. Omega-6 mostly sends pro-inflammatory messages, whereas omega-3 helps calm inflammation by sending anti-inflammatory messages. To manage inflammation, I would recommend 2-3 portions of oily fish per week (salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, tuna) or taking a high quality omega-3 fish oil daily.

• Reduce Bad Fats: These foods can contribute to inflammation – therefore you should reduce your intake of red meats, processed meats, vegetable oils highly refined foods (prepackaged buns, biscuits, cakes, pastries, doughnuts etc), deep fried foods, and fast food. It’s ok to eat a portion of lean red meat once a week.

• Spice it Up: Spices such as curcumin and ginger are excellent at reducing inflammation. Curcumin and Ginger extract both offer anti-inflammatory benefits, however they work synergistically as they both reduce different inflammatory markers, thereby having a complete anti-inflammatory effect. You can use these spices in cooking or make a warm herbal drink regularly to help combat inflammation. If this proves difficult, you can take a curcumin and ginger complex daily to help keep inflammation at bay.

• Protein for repair: Top quality protein rich foods like eggs (or egg whites), soy products, lean meats, fish, beans and lentils will aid healing and recovery after intense training.

Adopting these dietary changes should help keep inflammation at bay and aid recovery after training. Good Luck!

Sonia O’ Sullivan, Irish Olympic Athlete recommends Eskimo-3.

Ireland’s most successful and loved female athlete, Sonia O’ Sullivan takes Eskimo-3 daily to keep those pains and aches at bay.
“Eskimo Oil is an essential part of my daily diet . Ever since I have been using Eskimo oil daily, I have noticed that all my aches and pains in my joints as a result of years and years of hard training and racing have disappeared. Sometimes I have to pinch myself on the run as I am amazed at how much more spring I have in my running and it is so much more enjoyable to get out for a pain free run each day. I have also noticed that my skin has a healthy glow and smoothness, which I attribute to taking my oils daily. I can’t recommend Eskimo oils enough, they are perfect for the whole family.”

Tried and Tested: Food Supplements

Along with following an Anti-inflammatory diet, taking certain food supplements can help you stay on track, increase focus, performance and speed up recovery.

ZinCuFlex Joint Support

– HIgh Strength ginger, curcumin and vitamin C complex.
– Ginger and curcumin may help protect joints and maintain joint mobility.
– Ginger reduces joint stiffness and inflammation.
– Helps recovery after training.

Eskimo-3 Advanced EPA with Vitamin D3.
Many athletes don’t realise how important omega-3 fatty acids are for their focus, performance and recovery. No matter what exercise you choose to do and no matter what level of fitness you have, omega-3 fatty acids can be an important part of your “healthy” plan for getting ahead.

– Maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system
– Omega-3 helps keep your brain focused.
– Vitamin D3 supports bones, joints and immunity.
– Ideal support for athletes
– One Capsule a Day

Food Supplements available in health food stores, pharmacies and online, here

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