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Molly McFadden to move to Ireland to live with grandparents

It’s been reported that Kerry Katona’s eldest child, Molly is moving to Ireland to live with her grandparents.

The singer’s daughter is reportedly moving in with her dad Brian McFadden’s parents to focus on her studies and will attend school in Dublin.

Brian, who is from Dublin, revealed that Molly was planning to attend school in his native city, telling Ok! magazine:

“Mostly we go back to Ireland because my mum and dad live there. My oldest [sic] is going to school in Dublin in September, so she’s probably going to live with my mum and dad. I think it’ll be easier for Molly to concentrate on her exams there.”

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He added:

It’s going to make things harder now for us all to be together, but you have to make sacrifices.”

Brian recently moved to Rochdale in the UK to be closer to his new girlfriend Danielle, and he admitted he didn’t know where the couple would end up, but admitted he wouldn’t rule out children with Danielle, saying:

“I’m renting a home in Ireland and I’ve moved out of my house in London… We have no long-term plans at the moment [on where to live]. We’ll just have to wait and see how everything goes this year… I’d definitely love to have more kids in the future.”

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