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This Is The Moment Princess Diana Realised Her Marriage To Charles Was Over

In a new extract from his tell-all memoir, former Royal bodyguard Ken Wharfe reveals when Princess Diana gave up on her marriage to Prince Charles.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

The late princess decided she had had enough after Charles was brought to hospital in 1990.

The Prince of Wales was recovering from an accident and refused to let Diana see him, but what he did do, was that he allowed his now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles to visit.

In his book, Wharfe writes: ”Diana confessed to me … with absolute determination, that this was the last straw. Her compassion was wasted on her husband … what the prince didn’t want, the public did”.

File photo dated 01/05/83 of the Prince and Princess of Wales an

Wharfe has also claimed that Charles never knew how to ‘deal’ with his wife and put the failure of their marriage down to that lack of understanding.
He said previously: ”The Prince didn’t know how to deal with her popularity. Diana made desperate attempts to try to put that right. They could have been the biggest double act in the world, but after that confrontation with Camilla and Charles she felt there was no return”.

”Diana really tried. I remember once after an engagement we arrived back at Kensington Palace as the Prince was getting into his car”.

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‘He waved and said, “Did you have a good day?” She said, “Yes, it was fantastic, where are you going now?” “Going to do my churches in the City.”

”When Diana asked if she could come to, Charles dismissed her and said she would be the centre of attention”.

Wharfe went on to say: ‘’In essence there was nowhere for her to go. Diana was desperate, and desperate people often do desperate things.’’

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