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Mother left heartbroken as baby dies needlessly

Mother left heartbroken as baby dies needlessly after the babysitter was kept on hold by emergency services.

The woman spent over 40 minutes on the phone before the boy died on Saturday night.

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Bridget Alex said that 911 was called after baby Brandon fell and stopped breathing in Texas.

“The city has been experiencing issues with so called “ghost calls” from T-Mobile devices since November.

“The babysitter made the first call at 5:55 p.m lasting 55 seconds.

“She made the second call at 5:57 p.m and it lasted eight minutes and 40 seconds.

“She called for a third time at 6:11 pm and stayed on the line for 31 minutes and 35 seconds,” explains The Sun.

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Brandon was frantically rushed to hospital by his mum as she tried to save him after the emergency services issue.

Bridget said: “I jumped in the car with him, and I just kept kissing his lips.

“He was still warm. I just kept saying, ‘Brandon, please wake up. Please wake up.’”

Tragically Brandon was pronounced dead at 7.48 p.m. on Saturday and police are understood to be waiting on an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.

The City of Dallas issued a statement saying: “Saturday evening, the Dallas 911 Call Center experienced a spike in calls due to the ongoing T-Mobile ghost call issue.

“A six-month old child died at some time that evening.

“The Dallas Police Department says an individual who we now believe was the child’s caregiver, called 911 multiple times but hung up before speaking to a call taker.

“Call takers returned each call, but were unable to reach the individual.

“The child was taken to two area hospitals.

“DPD is investigating the death and no additional information can be released, as this case is under investigation.

“There is no evidence at this time connecting the child’s death to the T-Mobile ghost call issue.”

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“The woman spent over 40 minutes on the phone before dying on Saturday night.” This implies that the woman died.


Time to proof read, surely ffs

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