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Mother urges caution after daughter’s horrific rash

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A mother has urged caution when using products like bath bombs after her daughter broke out in a horrific rash.

Leanne Keating spoke out after she claimed her daughter’s bath bomb caused a reaction so severe she believed her daughter had meningitis.

Leanne who is from Wales revealed that her daughter Tia developed a rash that has become so severe she refuses to go to school, telling the Metro:

 “Tia had a bath with the bath bomb the day I bought it. She’d never used a bath bomb before and wanted to try one. Five days later she said “mum, look at this”, and showed me this rash. I was worried. We got to my mum’s later and she told me it looked like meningitis. We did the test with a glass and it didn’t go away so we rushed her straight to hospital.”

She added:

 “The rash started off on her tummy, and it’s moved up to her neck, it’s on her face, a bit of her arms and between her thighs now as well. It just keeps getting worse. Her skin is really itchy. It’s really affecting her self-esteem. She just won’t come out of her bedroom, she’s really low about it. She’s too embarrassed to go to Morris Dancing or school in case she gets picked on about it.’

Leanne claims a bath bomb is to blame after being told by the hospital she rushed her daughter to, that she had suffered a severe skin reaction.

She also wants bath bomb companies to put warnings on their product saying:

“I didn’t know it was the bath bomb at first. But a friend of mine who is medically trained asked me if Tia had got anything for Christmas that she’s used that was different. The only thing she’d used that was different was the bath bomb. She’d had a bath with it, she only used half. At the time it stained her hands purple. She doesn’t have sensitive skin, there were no warnings or anything on the label, it just said to keep away from babies. I’d say people shouldn’t use these bath bombs, even if you don’t have sensitive skin. The labelling should have a warning.”

The company who manufactured the bath bomb are investigating the incident but noted that it had passed all safety and cosmetic checks.

In addition many social media users urged the mother to consider psoriasis, after noting the similarities in the young girl’s rash to the skin condition, which can cause extreme skin reactions.

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