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MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL: Nuala Carey and Ann Carey


Nuala on Ann

We are more like sisters now, rather than mother and daughter, because our relationship has really progressed as I have got older.
We have a very easygoing and warm connection, similar to what I have with good friends. Mum and I are really comfortable in each other’s company and we are both able to ask for advice because I trust her opinion and she trusts mine.

Both my parents have always been very supportive to me. I remember when I was singing on Charity You’re a Star and they were there every night cheering me on. Likewise, anytime I have presented Winning Streak they have helped me by allowing me to rehearse with them; they even pretend to spin an imaginary wheel! Friends and family have told me that she won’t answer the phone if someone rings her while I am on TV.

I have inherited a lot from my mother, especially her idea of taking life just “one day at a time”. It is a great way to put things in perspective because there is no point in worrying about things that might never happen.

Does anything ever annoy me about her? Well, Mom isn’t very keen on putting things on “the long finger”. If a bulb blows in the house, within minutes she will be upstairs looking for a replacement, whereas I would be more inclined to leave it until the next day.


Ann on Nuala 

Nuala was born on Monday, December 22nd. I had been in town that morning visiting my doctor, who felt my baby wouldn’t be born until the next day. Nuala, however, had other ideas and she was born that evening!

She was a very placid child who loved her sleep and one evening when she was aged around four, she went to bed at 4.40pm and didn’t wake up until the next morning. She always loved her food too, and her favourite treat when we went to town shopping was a cream donut.

Nuala was always bubbly and outgoing; I fondly remember a family holiday in the Ocean Hotel in Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, when she was three. She had no problem walking around the restaurant and chatting to all the diners!

I didn’t think that Nuala was a mammy’s girl until she stayed with her granny and uncle Eddie in Cork. My husband Maurice and I went out for the evening and she sobbed all night saying, “I want my mammy”, and they couldn’t console her.
I am never worried about her working in television; I am just delighted to see her so happy in what she does. To be honest though, I am more worried that she hasn’t called out my Lotto numbers yet…

Our relationship has matured over the years and we chat like sisters; we even share some clothes now! We like similar colours and we have the same style, Nuala would often ask for my advice on fashion choices and I take that as a great compliment.

There have been no big arguments between us. However, a few years ago, she gave me a present of a beautiful coat and, without telling her, I got it altered a little and she noticed. She wasn’t too impressed with me, but we laugh about it now.

I am very proud of her for realising her potential in the world of media and she is in a job that she thoroughly enjoys. She was thrilled to get work experience in RTÉ at age 16 and from that moment she was determined to get a job there. I am very happy that she has achieved her goal.

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