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Mr Ireland Darren King Talks About His Daily Diet And Exercise Regime

Mr Ireland Darren King

Mr Ireland Darren King


Height – 6 foot 2 inches

Weight – 13 stone

Neck Size – 15.5 inches

Chest size – 38 inches

Waist – 31 inches

Clothes Size – Large mostly, sometimes medium



Daily Food Diary

7am – 6 egg whites and 1 yoke, handful of almonds and a cup of green tea

10am – 1 and a half chicken breast, with handful of spinach and half an avocado

12pm – 1 and a half chicken breast, with a handful of spinach and half an avocado

3pm – (Pre workout) Whey Protein shake an hour before training with L Glutamine and BCAAs.

5.30pm – (Post workout) A double serving of Whey Protein wit L Glutamine and BCAAs and 1 whole bananna.

6.30pm – 400g of turkey mince cooked on a pan with coconut oil, 200g of Asparagus

8pm – Last meal before bed I have a tin of pink salmon

I make sure to drink at least 3-4 litres of water a day. I usually have a packet of whole Almonds near by just in case I get any cravings or start to feel hungry. Rather than having 3 big meals a day, I try split them up into 5-6 smaller meals. This way you are not over eating and you are eating until you are satisfied rather than when you are full. I have carb days and non card days. The above diary is from a non carb day.

On a carb day I would usually introduce porridge in the morning with a scoop of whey protein mixed through it and topped off with some almonds. I would also have either sweet potato or brown rice with my 12pm lunch and my post workout meal at 6.30pm.


Do you struggle with your weight or is this even an issue to you?

Honestly, keeping weight off has never been an issue to me. For me I struggled to put on weight. I was always very skinny growing up and always had small arms and a small chest which I hated, so for years I found it very difficult to put on any size. It was only in recent years that I really concentrated on my diet that I started seeing results in my physique. A lot of people depend on supplements to get them the results they want and they overlook the importance of diet and nutrition.

Do you go to the gym/exercise and how often? Expand

Before the Mr Ireland competition I was on an extremely strict diet and I was working out 7 days a week. This has changed since winning though as my work load has doubled and I am finding it very difficult to find the time to go. I would be very lucky to get in 3 times a week now. I also travel a lot with work and therefore I’m eating on the road a lot so it is difficult to eat healthy.

How often do you drink alcohol, how much roughly?

I would usually have a few drinks at home on a Friday night. Fridays are my “cheat nights”, where I eat and drink my favourite foods and drinks. I always make sure not to over do it though. I think moderation is the key. I may have 2-3 bottles of beer. I would also go out wit friends on the occasional weekend where a would have a bit more to drink but again I never go over board.

Do you have a hangover cure – foods you always eat?

I like to eat pizza when I am hungover. I find it does the trick for me and its very easy to throw in the oven with very little cleaning left afterwards. I usually spend the day lying on the couch sipping on water when I am hungover. I don’t handle hangovers very well at all. I dissolve some vitamin C tablets in my water just to boost my immune system a little and add a little flavour to the water.

Your biggest weakness? 

Biscuits, I can never eat just one biscuit. It starts off with one and before I know it the packet is empty and I’m digging through all the cupboard trying to find more. I can’t eat in moderation at all. I would rather eat everything in one sitting so it won’t be there to tempt me the next day.

What supplements do you take?  (if any)

I take Flexi Nutrition Whey Protein, Flexi Nutrition L-Glutamine and Flexi Nutrition BCAAs (Branched Chained Amino Acids). I don’t depend too much on supplements. I focus mostly on getting my diet 100% and the supplements just give me that extra 10%.

Do you suffer with any allergies or bad health? 

Luckily enough I don’t suffer with any allergies or bad health.

What would be your final meal/favourite meal?

It has to be a steak dinner. Its hard to beat a medium/rare steak with peppered sauce and homemade chips on the side in my opinion. That would definitely be my final and favourite meal.

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