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This is how much exercise you will have to do to burn off your favourite Easter egg

It has been revealed exactly how much exercise you will have to do to burn off your favourite Easter egg this weekend, and it’s not pretty. have compiled a list of 20 of the most popular Easter eggs in the UK… and their calorie count, as well how long you would need to spend running, skipping, swimming, walking, cycling squatting or doing burpees to burn each one off.

And the results are grim, with the worst offender on the list being a classic favourite, the Dairy Milk Easter Egg.

The classic treat contains a staggering 1,758 calories, meaning to burn off one of these you’d need to run for 3 whole hours or walk for almost 6!

A Mars Easter egg, coming in at 1,623 calories would take 2.8 hours to run off and it would take you 2.2 hours to run off the 1,259 calories found in an Aero Easter egg.

The best option is Smarties Easter egg, which at 680 calories, would only take you 1.2 hours to run off!

Creme Egg (186g) – 922 calories
Mini Eggs (187g) – 980 calories
Dairy Milk (331g) – 1,758 calories
M&Ms (268g) – 1,385 calories
Smarties (122g) – 680 calories
Oreo (278g) – 1528 calories
Aero (235g) – 1,259
Thorntons (149g) – 806 calories
KitKat (180g) – 943 calories
Mars (331g) – 1,623 calories
Flake (294g) – 1,562 calories
Cadbury Caramel (331g) – 1,683 calories
Wispa (296g) – 1,562 calories
Yorkie (192g) – 1,033 calories
Snickers (274g) – 1,429 calories
Milkybar (162g) – 886 calories
Minstrel (262g) – 1,357 calories
Double Decker (307g) – 1,549 calories
Matchmaker (162g) – 872 calories
Toffee Crisp (176g) – 1,004 calories


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