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In The Name Of Our Fathers with Nathan and Ian Carter

Nathan and Ian Carter
Country Music Star

They are both impatient and have a shared interest in property but if it wasn’t for the support of his dad Ian, Nathan’s career might not have taken off.

Here, he chats about his memories growing up.

What is your stand-out memory of your father growing up?
Dad teaching me how to ride my bike and taking me to my music lessons.

Was there anything he always said or commented on growing up?
He always said, “Life is too short” and “Always take every opportunity that comes along”.

How has he influenced your life and career?
My dad has always been there supporting me in everything that I have done. He lent me money for my first van when I started my career in music, and that allowed me to get around and travel to my first ever gigs.

What did he say when you moved to Ireland and started a career in music?
He was very positive and helpful with the move here. He always said that he and Mum would support me in whatever I wanted to do with my career.

Did he pass on any traits? Are you similar in any way?
He passed on his impatience and I get bored very easily like him. He is also always very interested in the world of property and he is considering moving house like me.

What have you learned from him that you would like to pass onto your own children one day?
He has passed on a lot of important values, such as how important family is and that to have the love and guidance of your parents really means a lot.

What is the best piece of advice you have received from him?
To save and invest money wisely!

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