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In The Name Of Our Fathers with Niall (Bressie) and Enda Breslin

Niall (Bressie) and Enda Breslin
Musician and singer

Growing up, people assumed that his father Enda was strict because he was an army man but he wasn’t at all, reveals Bressie, who inherited his logical mind.

Here, he chats about his memories growing up.

How would you describe your dad in five words?
A lot smaller than me!

What is the stand-out memory of your dad growing up?
He spent a lot of time overseas because he was in the army, so a lot of my memories growing up are of him leaving for a year or so and then coming home again. They are strong memories for a family because it is quite unusual and the memory of your dad leaving at 4 or 5am stays with you forever.

Above right: Enda Breslin

Did your dad pass on any traits to you?
He is quite rational and logical in an amazing way, he thinks things out and that is how I approach things in life. He was an athlete as well, so that is where I get my interest in sport.

Does he have any particular phrase?
Back then, there was no internet so we used to have to sit down and write him a letter every Sunday. The letters used to lift him so much when he was deployed to Israel, Sarajevo or wherever he might be. He was a supporter of my career in sport too and he always said, “There is no answer to pace”, but I never really understood what he meant by that.

How has he influenced your life and career?
He has given me my manners; I am immensely respectful of other people and that comes from him. People assumed that he was a strict and authoritarian man because he was in the army, but he wasn’t at all, he was very liberal and open-minded.


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