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Nathan Carter Is One Of The Most Popular Men In Ireland According To The Late Late Show Viewing Figures!

Go on Nathan!

Nathan Carter Via RSVP Magazine

It seems that our favourite country singer is easily one of the most popular men in Ireland according to The Late Late Show viewing figures from last Friday night.

According to the RTE Press Office, over 677,000 tuned into the country special which saw Nathan and Daniel O’Donnell among others, blast out the country tunes.

This is incredible news for the young singer as this means that it was the most watched Late Late Show special this whole year, after the Toy Show of course.

Viewers tuned in in their thousands, and it wasn’t long before Twitter as on fire with compliments flooding in about how amazing Nathan was, and as always, how amazing he looked.

No doubt his devoted and loyal fans will be over the moon about this news.

Keep it coming Nathan!

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Cheryl Towns

Watch the show and loved it I live in Perth Tasmania

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