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Nathan Carter Shares Gorgeous Photo With Ed Sheeran

We feel like we’ve been waiting for this picture for centuries lads…

David Cooley/RSVP Magazine

Nathan Carter and Ed Sheeran all in the one photo – what else could you want?

Taking to Twitter ahead of Ed’s much anticipated return to Ireland, the country singer delighted fans with a picture of himself looking incredibly tanned and incredibly handsome beside the award-winning British singer.

And as always, it wasn’t long before Nathan’s fans rushed in with compliments about how good he looked.

”Omg you look so handsome Nathan. You are an angel’‘ wrote one fan.

”STOP! Omg, this is what dreams are made of. Please do a collaboration!!’‘ wrote another.

While a third wrote: ”OMG! IS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING??”. 

Loving this so much, we might print it off and hang it in the office!

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