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A new conspiracy theory suggests that Kylie Jenner died

A new conspiracy theory suggests that Kylie Jenner died back in 2013…

The information, shared by a fan, explains that she was replaced by an imposter five years ago.

Sharing two pictures of the KUWTK stars she shows the difference between the “two Kylies”- suggesting that they are different people.

“New conspiracy theory: Kylie Jenner died in 2013 and was replaced with a clone who looks nothing like her,” says the Twitter user.

The internet has since gone into meltdown with thousands of comments coming and people seem to be agreeing with her.

She DOES look completely different.

via Instagram

This bizarre piece of information comes the same week as similar news was shared about Avril Lavigne.

Fans of the rock star are also convinced that she passed away and was replaced by a different “look-a-like.”

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