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Newborn baby buried alive is saved by a dog after it dug into the ground to find him



A dog in China has saved a newborn boy who was buried alive in a bush.

It’s thought that the dog had smelt the baby, so it dug a hole in the ground to find him.

The baby, who is about a month old, was taken to the local clinic immediately and is currently recovering, according to Chinese media.

The incident took place on May 6th in Chongqing, a municipality in south-west China.

The pet’s owner, named Yang Jiali, was looking for the dog and finally saw it in the bush in Jiangjin, a suburban district.

Ms Yang said she saw the dog desperately trying to dig a hole in the ground. She then saw a baby lying in the hole. He was wrapped in a piece of white cloth.

According to Ms Yang, the baby was crying when she saw him being freed by the dog.

Ms Yang had just got the dog as a pet which ran out of her house, she said

The baby, described to be around one month old, was taken to the clinic of Wutan Town in Jiangjin District.

According to a doctor, named An Yue, the baby had low body temperature and a slow heart rate when he was brought to the clinic.

‘His mouth was full of mud,’ said Dr An.

A doctor from the hospital, named Li Feng, said the boy’s life was not in danger, but he needed time to regain health.

It’s understood that the boy is currently treated at the Jiangjin Central Hospital.

The police and doctors thought that the boy was buried because his family mistakenly thought he had died.

The police are currently trying to contact the boy’s family…..

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