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So, Niall Horan Has A Brother And He’s Set For The Big Brother House

There’s about to be two famous Horan boys from Mullingar as it has been reported that the One Direction star’s brother is set for the Big Brother House.

According to reports,  Big Brother bosses are currently in talks with Greg to get him to tell all about One Direction, their split, and if they ever be getting back together again.

Speaking to The Daily Star, a source revealed: ‘‘He’s been in talks to try and become a celeb himself but Big Brother bosses would only have him in the regular version, not the celebrity edition of the show as he’s not well known enough.”

Via Facebook

‘They’re struggling to find him a partner as it’s doubles and he’s been searching through his Facebook trying to find someone.”

Speaking to The Daily Star, a close family friend admitted that Greg and Niall no longer speak.

Greg has been jealous since Niall’s first X Factor audition and always believed he was the star of the family”.

“He can’t handle living in someone else’s shadow and is now looking for an agent to try make a name for himself away from his brother.”

It will be VERY interesting to see him on the show, and to see what he has got to say about his little brother.

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