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Niamh Finally Makes Her Decision In Tonight’s Fair City

Tonight’s Fair City should be VERY interesting…

Niamh is starting to feel overwhelmed about her future with Marcus after Cass tells her she’s running away from her problems.

When Marcus arranges for a helicopter to bring them to a romantic dinner, she goes in for a kiss – little does she know Ruth is has seen their embrace.

Niamh comes to her senses and realises Marcus’s spontaneity won’t fit into her life and turns down his offer, deciding she wants to start her own life.

Elsewhere, Ciaran is feeling the pressure more than ever when he finds out his workshop is going up for sale and Farrah looks at potential houses outside of Dublin.

Farrah also feels guilty about lying to Hughie, who has just set up a date with Jackie, about Kevin being back in town.

She tells Kevin who Hughie has changed and encourages him to go see his father.

It’s not to be missed lads!

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