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Parenting Blogs: How to deal with fussy eaters

Have you a fussy eater at home? Have you tried everything to get them to eat? Not sure what to do now?

Well Sinead Fox of  Bumbles of Rice has some amazing tips for you.

The mum of Ciarán (6); Cathal (4) and Laoise (19 months) knows how to deal with fussy eaters


1. If your child is healthy then they are probably eating enough, so don’t force-feed your fussy eaters.

2. Look at what they eat over the course of a day and get the right stuff into them by any means that works.


You will want to avoid this!



3. I encourage my kids to try one taste of something new but I think it’s important they’re “allowed” not to like some foods.

4. If you’ve a vege-phobe on your hands, get the taste and goodness into them with soup or blended sauces.

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5. Don’t believe the hype that if they help prepare the meal they’ll eat it.

6. Try not to blame yourself, my kids were weaned on the same healthy food, and while one would eat salad all day his brother will not let an undisguised vegetable pass his lips!”

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