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Parents warned about increase in ‘slapped cheek’ syndrome


Parents in Ireland are being warned to be alert, after an increase in the number of children being diagnosed with ‘slapped cheek’ syndrome.

According to Dublin Live, there has been a huge spike in the number of diagnoses in the UK recently, leading to a warning for parents in Ireland to be vigilant.

The contagious disease, which causes children to feel unwell and to develop distinctive bright red rash on both cheeks, is caused by the hPV infection.

According to the publication, in the vast majority of cases, children recover with no long-term effects.

However, the illness can be potentially fatal if an unborn foetus is infected through a pregnant mother.

While first appearing as bright red cheeks, the rash often then spreads to other parts of a child’s body, and at this point it is no longer contagious.

The HSE has also advised regular hand-washing as a way of preventing the further spread of the illness.
Symptoms include:

  • A slightly high temperature
  • A runny nose
  • A sore throat
  • A headache
  • An upset stomach
  • Feeling generally unwell

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