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Paula from First Dates Ireland has outraged viewers

Paula from First Dates Ireland has outraged viewers after what she said tonight.

Fans of the show have slammed her after she said she was “instantly disappointed” with her date.

Paula admitted that she didn’t want to be pigeon-holed for her bisexuality, but immediately asked her date “if she was 100% lesbo.”

Audience members were quick to brand her as “harsh” for being so negative.

People have been quick to have their say on Twitter this evening…

Paula is awful! Instantly took a disliking to her. #FirstDatesIRL

“Instantly disappointed” Wow. That’s horrible!! #FirstDatesIRL #FirstDatesIreland

Ironic that the girl who doesn’t like to be pidgeon holed asked her date if she is “100% lesbo?” #FirstDatesIRL

Did you really have to show Paula’s call? That’s really cruel on her date! #FirstDatesIRL

‘Instantly disappointed’ is harsh as hell, especially when you know you’re being filmed. #FirstDatesIrl

Paula, maybe you were “instantly disappointed” because she wasn’t also dressed like a sofa? #FirstDatesIRL

Paula should have just went on a date with herself! #mememe #pooraoife #FirstDatesIrl

#FirstDatesIRL Paula is annoying and mean ….. me me me . She actually has not even tried to seem interested in that poor girl

In the end, both ladies decided to remain friends.

Did you tune in to see tonight’s instalment of the show?

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What a silly lazy article. Outraging viewers? A few people on twitter were offended that she politely said she didn’t fancy her. Articles like this just feed the constant super sensitive millennials. How Boring.

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