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PAWS FOR THOUGHT: with Aoibhín Garrihy

This month former Fair City star and Dancing with the Stars contestant Aoibhín Garrihy chats to RSVP’s Susan Knox about her two cheeky French Mastiff dogs, Rubie and Reggie, and their weird habit of licking the couch!

First of all, where did the two gorgeous names come from?
Well, Rubie came first and that was a little bit of a combination of her being a French Mastiff and her colour. Reggie just seemed to have a bit of an attitude and Reggie seemed to fit the bill, we have no plans for a Ronnie!

What are their personalities like, and are they very different from one another?
They are completely different. Rubie is so independent and loves her own space and time; she’s also so gentle and delicate. We now call Reggie the bulldozer! He could knock you over with excitement when he sees you and needs morning cuddles just to get his day stared!

What’s their idea of a perfect day?
They both love the beach and spending time there along with treats! After that, a bath and they are in heaven in front of the fire! Albeit the bath is a messy affair, and at 50kg each getting them in and out of it is my idea of a workout!

Is there anything in particular that they do that annoys you?
Reggie can shoulder and push Rubie out of the way and she is so delicate. Rubie has a very weird habit of licking the couch, for long extended times!

Have you always had dogs in your life growing up?
Yes, we had an amazing Bichon Frise, Kelly. It was so lovely to have her in our lives as kids and she’s a part of so many memories; she felt so unobtrusive compared to these two giants!

When you are away from them, what do you miss the most?
The morning greeting and the excitement when they first see you. Each morning they just look so happy you’re there with them. No matter how stressful your day might be, it always gets off to the right start.

When you have a day off or a lazy Sunday, what are your favourite things to do together?
A perfect Sunday would be Spanish Point beach in Co. Clare, and preferably with good weather so we can enjoy brunch outside the Armada Hotel afterwards, followed by a spin up the coast and then time by the fire later on.

Do you have anything in common with them?
I’d like to think I’m a gentle soul like Rubie, and full of affection for my loved ones like Reggie!

They must miss you while you’re away rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars, how do they greet you when you walk in the door in the evenings?
Rubie usually hears me arrive first so I see her face first, then Reggie arrives with a wiggly bottom with excitement. It’s usually play time on the rug for a bit before I can even think to settle in!

Do you have a favourite memory with them?
Probably the day Rubie wore a special dog tag with “marry me?” on it as a proposal from my husband at the Cliffs of Moher. I think I kissed her as much as John with excitement!

Interview by Susan Knox

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