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Irish radio broadcaster COLM HAYES gives us a sneak peek into his refrigerator and tells us about his average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime…

At the moment I’m trying to stick to a low carb diet and trying to get fit for the annual Cycle Against Suicide which begins on April 23rd – that’s 1400km in 14 days!
Weight: 17 stone
Clothes size: 34in waist
Height: 6ft2in

BREAKFAST: Porridge with blueberries and bananas. Black coffee.

LUNCH: Ham and mushroom omelette (made with two eggs).

SNACKS: I like fruit, especially the packets of fruit and nuts you get from Lidl. I also love a packet of cashew nuts to chomp on.

DINNER: Sweet potatoe fries, roast butternut squash and chicken wings in sticky chilli sauce. All homemade!

DRINKS: Water and wine. I do like a couple of glasses of red in the evening. I don’t drink juices or fizzy drinks.

Colm’s Fridge

How often do you drink alcohol, and how much?
I’d have a glass or two most nights but only wine! Remember folks, it’s a fruit-based drink!

Do you go to the gym or exercise and how often?
I try to exercise minimum 30 minutes a day. I’ll start cycling three times a week in the next couple of weeks to prepare for the cycle.

Do you struggle with your weight or is this even an issue to you?
Yeah. It goes up and down if I let it.

Do you take supplements?

Do you suffer with any allergies or bad health?
Not so far, fingers crossed, ah that hurt! Need to get those fingers checked.

Takeaway: Chicken Tikka Masala from Shanai in Cornelscourt, Dublin 18. It’s devilishly sweet!

Food favourites: Spicy Mexican food or spicy Indian or Italian… once it’s spicy!

Hangover: A hot spicy Bloody Mary!

Restaurant: Canal Bank Café, Dublin.

Meal: The chicken wings and a Mexican bean salad.

Tipple: Always red wine.

TV Snack: My homemade nachos with homemade spicy cheese sauce dip.

Breakfast: As a treat, homemade American pancakes, crispy bacon and maple syrup.

Lunch at your desk: Salad.



Hi Colm,

We advise clients not to stick to low carb diets to get fit or to lose weight. Carbohydrates have an important part in our daily diet along with the right fats and protein.

Omitting carbs from your diet is a short-term solution that is not maintainable long-term, nor is it a balanced meal plan and if you are planning on a long cycle carbs will play an important role for energy levels. Remember, the only diet that will work long-term is the one you can stick to.

Your breakfast of porridge with blueberries and bananas with black coffee starts off well. But I would recommend adding some greek yoghurt to include protein at the start of your day, instead of one of the fruit sources.

Again with your lunch of two egg, ham and mushroom omelette, carbohydrates play an important role as well as fats for energy levels and to stop blood sugar levels from dropping. Try adding some avocado for some fats and include some oat bread for your carb source.

At dinner, you are bringing in a great carb source with sweet potato fries but look to add some extra green veggies which are a great source of calcium. I would recommend sticking to a leaner protein source like chicken breast rather than the more calorific wings, and always be careful with sauces as even the homemade variety can add a lot of extra calories.

In terms of your snacks, the fruit and nut mix and cashew nuts are great options once you control your quantity. In relation to fluids, you are on the right track not including sugary or fizzy drinks in your diet and drinking plenty of water a day. My recommendation is two litres per day and a lot more on cycle days; when you’re on the bike, drink water every 30 minutes.

I love your honesty about enjoying a glass of wine or two most days. While it is best to limit alcohol to only a few units per week, I would recommend cutting it down when you start your cycle training as alcohol can dehydrate you when you are out on long spins.

You don’t say what you do in the gym, but hopefully it is strength training instead of cardio alone. If it is, I recommend that you continue with a strength training programme during your cycle training.

Yours in fitness, Paul | Twitter @bodybyrne | Instagram @bodybyrne

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