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Peek Inside The Fridge with James Kavanagh

This month, Snapchat star JAMES KAVANAGH gives us a sneak peek into his refrigerator and tells us about his average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime…


Weight: 9 STONE


Height: 5ft 10ins

Breakfast: I have a Pukka tea first thing in the morning. I usually skip breakfast and go straight to brunch around 11am. We go to the Pepper Pot [Powerscourt Centre] and I will always have eggs. They are usually indulgent eggs with cream and greens along with a cup of Barry’s tea.

Lunch: Again, I eat out at lunch and would have a big salad type dish with hummus, etc around 2pm in Industry [on Drury Street]. I also have a juice of some kind.

SNACKS: I get a soya coconut flat white every single day from Kaph in town, and a little cake or something sweet.

DINNER: We cook dinner at home. We love hotpots, or middle eastern food like Ruby Chard Korma, something homely. I nearly always have a cup of tea and a frozen Wispa every night. On the odd night I have a glass of wine, but maybe three glasses sprinkled throughout the week.

Do you drink much alcohol?

Not as much as I used so it is more for pleasure now than getting locked, but I do have one big night out at the weekend and I usually drink Fever-Tree gin and tonic! I also like expresso martinis.

Do you worry about your weight?

Never, I can’t put on weight, I would love to get a bit stronger.

Do you go to the gym or train?

No, but I walk everywhere! I have one of those steppers and I do three times more than I should. I would like to start lifting weights or get a little stronger, just to bulk a bit. So maybe I will start.

Do you take supplements?

I take a multivitamin and MissFitSkinnyTea Vitamin D.


TAKEAWAY: Cotto Pizza, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 – Salami pizza with aioli sauce.

HANGOVER: Brunch Burger in Bang Bang, Phibsborough, Dublin 7.

RESTAURANT: Coppinger Row, Dublin 2.

MEAL: A good pasta dish.

TIPPLE: Gin and tonic.

TV SNACK: A Wispa.

FOOD STORE:  Fallon and Byrne.

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Hi James,

I always encourage people to try not to skip breakfast as it really sets you up for the day. It is important to say that not everyone likes to eat a big breakfast first thing in the morning. Greek yoghurt as a protein source, a handful of almonds as a source of fat, and some blueberries as a source of carbohydrate and a little sweetness, is a light way to start the day and will leave you feeling satisfied. A good, healthy breakfast should always have some source of protein so eggs are a great choice. Along with protein, I would keep the green veg as it is full of essential vitamins and minerals. I would ditch the rich creamy sauces as these are high in calories and will turn a healthy meal into a not so healthy one. To complete your healthy breakfast, add some healthy carbohydrate such as grilled tomato; this will also add some moisture and potentially remove the need for those creamy sauces.

Let’s be honest, eating out is nice and convenient, however, it does bring some disadvantages. The first of these is choice. There is sometimes too much choice and that can all too often be between a healthy meal and its not so healthy counterpart. I recommend when eating out to carefully choose a restaurant that specialises in healthy meals. If that is not possible always try to take matters into your own hands, ask for the sauce on the side or skip the fries and get a side salad instead. These are just some examples of how you can enjoy eating out and still be healthy.

A coffee every day is a staple for most people and it is something to be enjoyed. I would refrain from having milky coffees and opt for Americano instead. I would recommend allowing yourself a treat with your coffee once a week instead of every day. This way you can keep your calories in check and you will appreciate that treat all the more without feeling deprived.

Your wine consumption is good; allowing yourself three glasses of wine with dinner in a whole week means you do not feel deprived and are less like to overindulge at the weekend. I would not recommend however, having a chocolate bar every night. Milk chocolate bars are processed, sugary, highly palatable foods that pack a lot of calories but have little or no nutritious value. I would pick two evenings in the week to have your chocolate treat after dinner. Alternatively, you could try adding new healthy snacks such as Greek yoghurt with chocolate whey protein powder. This could give you the chocolate hit you need along with getting extra protein into your diet. Dark chocolate (anything over 85%) is also a better alternative to milk chocolate.

It is really important to try and incorporate resistance training into your daily routine, especially if you are looking to put on some muscle mass. Try starting with two days per week and cut back on the cardio sessions. To put on size, muscle growth needs to be stimulated and the best way to this is by putting the body under stress using weights. It is crucial for you to ensure that you fuel your body with enough nutrient dense, unprocessed foods. Daily calorie consumption will have to be in a surplus for muscle gain. Increasing protein intake will be a must to ensure muscle growth and recovery after training sessions. Resistance training has so many benefits including better joint health, stronger muscles and bones, better posture, improved metabolism, heightened mood and alertness, just to name a few. Weight training will have you feeling and looking stronger than you have ever been before.

Yours in fitness,

BodyByrne Fitness

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