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PEEK INSIDE THE FRIDGE: With Stephen McDermott

This month, Clare FM presenter Stephen McDermott gives us a sneak peek into his refrigerator and tells us about his average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime.

Age: 39
Height: 5ft 11ins
Weighs: 15.5 st
Waist: 38” Jeans
Shoes: 12
Neck: 17”

I wake at 4:40am each morning. I have a quick coffee and a Pink Lady apple (a must!), before a 20-minute drive into the studio. Another coffee and a bowl of Rice Crispies with skimmed milk.

9:00am – Another coffee.
11:00/11:30am – Brown roll with lettuce, tomato, turkey and mayo.
3:00pm – Quick snack (bun, etc), I tend to snack.
5:00pm – Dinner. Usually sweet potato, asparagus, carrots and meat such as pork, chicken etc.
7:00pm – Cup of weak tea (no sugar) and a biscuit.

Do you struggle with your weight or is this even an issue for you?
A struggle – I want to be a stone lighter.

Do you go to the gym or exercise?
I don’t have too much time for gym, I mostly walk a couple of kilometres.

How often do you drink alcohol, how much roughly?
Maybe three times a week, about five pints a week.

Your biggest weakness?
Food and snacking (I sometimes binge eat late at night too).

Do you have a hangover cure – food you always eat?
What supplements do you take?
Vitamin B+ and Magnesium.

Do you suffer with any allergies or bad health?
Sore back.

What would be your final meal/favourite meal?
Lasagne, cooked by myself!

Stephens’s Fridge:


Hi Stephen,
Thank you for letting us into your daily routine, eating habits and exercise routine. Looking at this information and taking into account what your wishes are I am happy to say that with some simple changes you can achieve your goal of dropping a stone off the scales.

FOOD: I see it says you are a “big snacker” and tend to binge eat late at night. A good routine to try to get yourself into is three solid meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and have two snacks throughout the day also. Each meal should consist of a good source of protein, carbs and good fats. Having meals with a good serving of these three will help with the late-night cravings and, thus, will aid the weight to drop. Another big factor which is hampering your weight loss to date is your alcohol intake. If you wish to take the weight loss seriously, I would suggest you knock the drink on the head completely (this would also help cut the McDonalds out too). But if this is a past time that can’t be missed I would ask we cut it down to once a week at most.

BREAKFAST: I know the Rice Crispies are an easy fix for breakfast that early in the morning but as said earlier it’s important to get your protein, carbohydrates and fats in within every meal. A good change for breakfast could be porridge made with banana and honey or fresh fruit and dairy free yoghurt.

LUNCH: A simple change to perhaps a wholegrain wrap/sandwich, with your turkey and tomatoes and lots of salad and healthy dressing (humus, guacamole and salsa) is a better option then the brown bread roll. Other good lunches include salads, soups or omelettes.

DINNER: I actually have very little to criticise about your dinner.You have a great variety of protein, carbohydrates and fats within the meal, so maintain this standard with all your dinners and you should have no problem.

SNACKS: A good substitute for a midday snack instead of the bun could be a small portion of nuts (25-30g) or even a protein smoothie (smoothie can be prepared the night before). A snack later on in the day, perhaps after dinner, and an hour or so before bed could be eggs and avocado.

TRAINING: It’s good to see that you are active in some shape or form with walking a couple of kilometres, but unfortunately this isn’t enough to help you achieve your goal in a realistic time frame. If you’re finding it hard to make it to a gym setting and can’t partake in some sort of resistance training on top of the walking, perhaps a HIIT session at home is your best bet. A good quick example of a HIIT session can be five rounds of: 10 body squats / 10 press-up / 10 burpees.

Putting all this together should set you well on your way to dropping that stone easily, and you will find as the weight drops your energy levels will increase and your back pain could ease off due to the fact that you’re not carrying the extra weight around. I hope this will help and wish you the best with it.
Yours in fitness,
Eoin Barber
Personal Trainer at BodyByrne Fitness

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