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Irish rugby star TOMMY BOWE tells us about his average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime..



Weight: 100kg

Clothes Size: Large or XL Height: 6ft 2in

Breakfast: It would nearly always be eggs of some kind, so today it was poached eggs, toast, a slice of bacon and beans.

Natural yoghurt with fruit and nuts.

Lunch: This depends on training, so if it’s a day off I would get a roll in somewhere like Subway. I’m loving their new BBQ Beef Burnt Ends when I am having a treat, otherwise it would be a chicken salad. I am fortunate that when I am training I tend to lose weight so I am encouraged to eat more. I am one of the lucky ones, not all of the lads are like that, so I have to up the protein and carbohydrates to keep weight on.

Dinner: I am trying to eat more fish at the moment. I wasn’t into it but I am now, so cod or plaice with veg and potatoes.

Snacks: I enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit most nights.

Alcohol: I would have a pint or two at the weekend, maybe after a game. It is always good to catch up with the opposition or your team mates after a match. It is good to have a few pints and a bit of craic, but not every weekend – just every so often.

Do you struggle with your weight? I would struggle to keep weight on. The way the game is, I need to be a certain weight. It is important for me to get the right type of food into me, at the right times, to keep weight on. It can be difficult, because you need to be healthy and cook proper food. It would be easy to go around eating junk food all the time. It takes a lot more preparation, having things ready the night before and having plenty of snacks for when you are on the go.

How many days a week do you train? Four or five days a week. You would be on the pitch once or twice a day and then in the gym two or three times a week.

Do you ever get sick of training? Yes, I do! Seriously, I love to play matches, I am very fortune to get to play and get paid to play. To play rugby is a dream come true for me, playing matches is what I love to do most – but when it is lashing rain and freezing cold then training can be harder.

Do you take supplements? I prefer to be natural, but I might have a protein shake after a weight session.

Do you suffer with allergies? No, nothing.

How big a role do injuries play in what you do? It is very important not to get injured obviously, but unfortunately in our line of business injuries do happen. We are lucky that we have a really good medical team in Ulster and Ireland and a top notch strength and conditioning team, so if the injuries are short-term or long-term we know we get looked after really well. But it is tough, mentally more than anything, and it is tough to keep yourself motivated to get back on the pitch again. It is something all sports people have to deal with, but it is important to use the time you have off well, to practise things you may not be able to do week-on week-off.

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Do you practice Meditation/Mindfulness? Yes, we are doing a lot more of that. I think a lot of players are very good at visualisation, it is always something you would have to do to play sport – but meditation and mindfulness is becoming more popular.

What is your guilty pleasure? Generally, going for a cup of coffee and taking the dogs for a walk on the beach with Lucy and now little Emma.


Takeaway: Subway
Hangover: Irish breakfast
Restaurant: The Barking Dog
Last meal: Creamy pasta
Tipple: Pint of Guinness
TV snack: Crisps
Breakfast: Poached eggs, bacon and sourdough

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