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Peek Inside Michele McGrath’s Fridge And Check Out Her Daily Diet

Michelle McGrath

Michelle McGrath

Body stats

Height: 5.7

Clothes size: 8-10.

Breakfast – Two poached eggs with salmon on brown bread toasted or eggs and soldiers. At the weekend I will have a fry or eggs benedict.

Lunch – During the week I eat in CHOPPED in Fairview most days.  They do the most delicious healthy salads, my fav combo being chicken, spinach, sundries tomatoes, feta and pine nuts with balsamic vinegar. I also drink their healthy juices.

Dinner – During the week I try to eat clean. Lots of chicken, fish and vegetables, I only eat red meat once a week. 

At the weekend I like to indulge, I love Italian food, Lasange is my favourite with garlic bread. Shepard’s Pie has been my favourite meal since I’m a child, my mum makes a great one. Also nothing beats a nice Indian. 

I think it is good to have a healthy balance regarding food. I think eating a healthy diet is key is a happy healthy lifestyle but no harm indulging every now and then, little treats and all that!! 🙂



I take multivitamins daily. 


I don’t diet but I do eat healthily most of the time, I’m a huge fan of Chopped which makes the most delicious healthy salad and juices, I also love snacking on their protein bars during the week instead of eating chocolate. I do love the odd Domino’s Pizza and an Indian take away when I’m feeling bold. Nothing beats Dominos garlic sauce on a pepperoni pizza! Yum  


I enjoy Reformer Pilates at Pilates Plus, also I love Yoga and Maui Thai.  I also come from a dancing background so anytime I can take some dance classes I do. I will be really looking forward to Panto season kicking off to learn some new routines. 


I probably go out and drink alcohol once a month, but I do enjoy a glass of red occasionally at the weekend at home. Gone are my days of jäger bombs!! 


Chocolate I’m totally addicted to anything Cadburys!! 

Last meal?

(if you have only one day left to live) this is such a tough question as I really love my food, probably my mums Shepard’s Pie which is amazing or a good Italian Carbonara from Toscana on Dame Street. 

BodyByrne’s advice

Hi Michele thank you for your food diary. You have a great attitude towards food, as you don’t do fad diets and try to eat clean most of the time, allowing yourself a treat from time to time without over indulging and limiting your alcohol intake. 

When we say eating clean this simply means cutting out or at least limiting the amount of processed foods, sugars and alcohol in your diet. Aim to eat foods that come in their natural form, for example if having nuts as a snack, always go for the raw form and not nuts that have been cooked in oil or that are salted. Your goal should be eat lots of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, if eating meat opt for the leanest cuts possible as well as white meats and fish. Therefore having a varied well balanced diet that is unprocessed allowing the body to absorb and utilize vitamins and minerals.

As well as eating clean when preparing food yourself, you’ve done a great job in making good healthy choices when eating out too. Many people make poor choices when eating out at lunch, often there is a rush leading to bad decision making and what I call reaching for “quick fixes”, such as bread rolls and sandwiches with a sugary drink or treat to go with it. The problem with these types of foods are that they offer very little nutritional value and are high in starchy carbohydrates, leading to cravings. When we eat high sugar processed foods our blood sugar levels sky rocket causing a sugar crash soon afterwards and sometimes leaves us feeling unwell and bloated. Its this crash that is often the problem, its at this point that we need a pick me up to get our sugar levels back up to a normal range again. It is here that we again reach for a sugar treat again resulting in a vicious sugar cycle. As Michelle you chose a salad of chicken, spinach, sundried tomatoes, feta and pine nuts with a juice, this would result in your blood sugar levels staying relatively steady and you should feel satisfied after that meal and feel full for a few hours before having to eat again.

This is the way I recommend most of my clients to eat, as it is very difficult to eat clean 100% of the time even as a trainer I would struggle not to have the odd cheat meal. If we aim to eat this way the majority of the time, limit our treat foods without over indulging and exercise regularly then we are better able to control our body fat, have a better body image and have a better sense of well being.

Keep up the good work

Yours in fitness


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