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Peek Inside Suzanne Jackson’s Fridge And Check Out Her Daily Diet

Top blogger Suzanne Jackson gives us a sneak peek into her fridge and takes us through an average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime.

via Instagram

via Instagram

Body Stats

  • Height: 5’ 7
  • Weight: 9 stone
  • Dress Size: 8-10

Food diary 

Breakfast: At about 8:30am I have a glass of squeezed orange juice. Then at 9am I usually have porridge and a cup of tea.

Lunch: I’d have a chicken wrap with cheese, onion and lettuce along with crisps and a bottle of water at around 2pm.

DinnerAt around 6pm I normally have something like a chicken korma, a stir-fry, a pizza, or we eat out.

Snacks: At noon I usually have tea and a biscuit. At 4pm I’d have some chocolate and tea and then at 8pm I’d have another cup of tea and some chocolate.

Suzanne Jackson


I have just started the ‘Juice Plus’ range.


I don’t go to the gym anymore. My form of exercise would be walking my dogs daily.


I don’t diet!


I would drink alcohol every weekend. I always have some event to go to!

What would be your last meal?

A Dominos!

Biggest Weakness

Chocolate and lots of it. I have to eat chocolate or something sweet after my dinner.


Expert Opinion

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for your food diary. Firstly, looking at the way you do typically eat; overall I would be concerned that you eat a lot of processed food. Although these can be the quick and easy solution when we’re busy, they’re not the healthiest option.

Processed foods tend to be high in sugars and sugar becomes an issue as it has no vital nutrients but a lot of calories. When eaten in excess, sugar has been associated with the increased risk of developing heart disease, obesity and diabetes. As well as sugars, processed foods tend to be high in salt, low in fibre, contain bad fats and artificial additives (chemicals) leading us to overeat them. Bad fats are usually in the form of cheap vegetable oils, which are high in omega 6 fatty acids which can cause inflammation in the body. I feel the reason why you crave something sweet after dinner is because you’re eating lots of sugars throughout the day. Sugar is like a vicious cycle, when we eat too much it causes our sugar levels to spike, when these levels drop we crave sugar again a few hours later.

Your diet is lacking vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A which is an antioxidant and helps boost your immune system, it can also be great for your skin and is found in beta carotene (carrots); vitamin B which is vital for our metabolism and is found in beans and asparagus; and also calcium, which is essential for women to help maintain our bone density, which can be found in dairy products. But if you’re avoiding dairy, adequate amounts of calcium can be found in eating plenty of dark and green vegetables. As we age, we lose bone density causing us to be at increased risk of developing osteoporosis. Diet is important but so is exercise, it’s important for you to include some weight-bearing activities into your weekly routine, such as walking or running as well as some form of resistance training to help increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, decrease bone density loss and well as the additional health benefits.

Regardless of what you want your ideal body image to look like, you need to eat more natural (clean) foods in order to decrease your risk of developing diseases as previously mentioned later in life. Try cutting out or reducing the amount of processed foods and sugars you’re consuming and incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your daily eating regime.

Yours in fitness,

Amanda @amandabodybyrne

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