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Peek Inside Teena Gates’ Fridge And Check Out Her Daily Diet And Fitness Regime

teena gates


It’s embarrassing to admit that at 5.1 I’m close to 16 stone and a dress-size 22, but they say confession is good for the soul and that’s a stat that’s currently changing. 

Food Diary Day 

Pear shaped days deliver pear shaped hips… this is one of those days which started off well, but then got a bit disorganised. Some days are hard to plan for, because I often start with an early gym class and finish with a late swim coaching session. There are a lot of hours to plan food around with physical activity at each end, so I could do with tips on how to eat healthy without losing energy or getting late night munchies. 

06:15 gym

07:00 Breakfast – Porridge made with water, raspberries, blueberries and pouring yogurt

10:00 Coffee with soya milk or almond milk or skimmed milk or black

12:00 Lunch – Multigrain wrap with green leaves, grilled turkey breast, generous ‘splat’ of low fat mayo and a splash of sweet chili sauce

15:00 30min walk or run

16:00 Starving, but too early for dinner. Grab another wrap, with salad and grated Lo Lo cheese.

18:00 Dinner – Breast of chicken stir fried in olive oil with mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, soya sauce, grated ginger, crushed garlic

21:00 swimming

22:00 Starving again – coffee with soya milk and 2 ginger snap biscuits in front of TV.

22:10 That didn’t do it… mini low-Cal rice pot and a handful of strawberries.

22:30 Oops: A slice of dad’s white bread, toasted with butter. Another coffee. 23:00 Wide awake now, but I better go to bed before I google search numbers for take-outs (all currently deleted from phone). Thank goodness KFC don’t deliver!

Teena's fridge

Teena’s fridge


I take Krill Oil and Garlic capsules, B-Complex vitamins and sage capsules to help with perimenopause, and Glucosamine for my joints. I have a genetic condition called hemochromatosis (Iron overload) so I can’t take iron tablets and have to be careful about Vitamin C.  


Rather than diet, I prefer to concentrate on ‘eating clean’ and I’m annoyed I let my previous good habits slip.


I use a ‘Fitbit’ which monitors my steps, my heartrate, my activities, calories, water intake, sleep patterns and allows me to compete with other Fitbitters. It’s slightly addictive! 

Generally speaking, I pool swim twice a week and in the sea at weekends. I run or walk for a half an hour most days. I take a yoga class once a week and I recently resumed CrossFit classes 3 times a week, which involves interval training and weights. To relax, I climb mountains. As you can see I am strong and love being active, and yet I am overweight. For me, my weight depends on what I eat, and my health and fitness depends on what I eat and what I do. 


I adore a glass of wine, but it’s usually just a glass or two, and mainly at weekends. It’s the taste I love. I don’t need the buzz and I hate hangovers. I love a pint of cider on a warm summer day and for some reason, when I go to Kerry I like to christen my arrival with a glass of Guinness.

Biggest weakness:

KFC fried chicken. For me, it is the worse thing I can eat and it is the first thing I think of, if I’m disorganised and hungry.

Last Meal:

Roast chicken with crispy skin, my mum’s potato stuffing, home-made gravy, asparagus, mushrooms and brussel sprouts with bacon bits and almonds…. oh, and roast potatoes, when you par-boil them first and then roast them in goose-fat so that they’re really crispy and awfully unhealthy 🙂


Hi Teena

Thank you for your food diary. By looking through your typical daily eating habits and exercise regime, there are a few changes I feel you could help you to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss. When trying to lose fat, continuously set yourself targets, typically aiming to lose 1-2lbs per week, often when we lose weight very quickly we tend to but it back on just as quick.

In terms of your exercise you are doing really have, its great that you’re doing a combination of cardio, weights, yoga and generally staying active keeping the body moving as much as possible. It is important to remember that when trying to lose fat exercise alone is often not enough, most research suggests that to achieve weight loss its 70-80% the food we consume. That’s not to say you should stop training the way you are, far from it but food and food planning needs to become a high priority.

In terms of your food I would recommend that you eat little and often, as often as every 3 hours, this should stop you from feeling hungry and also stop cravings. Aim to have more variety in your food trying not to rely on wraps, eat oats, sweet potato, brown rice instead and fruit/nuts for snacks. These are slow releasing carbs and contain fibre which will make you feel fuller for longer. Think of the quality of your food too, nothing processed, avoiding sugars such as the sugars in your sweet chilli sauce. Never be starving as you put it, when we don’t eat enough our body will go into storage mode, meaning that when we do eat our bodies will cling onto everything we eat out of fear of what time our next meal will be.

 Also be wary of your alcohol intake, Im definitely an advocate of cheat meals, but long term weight loss can be affected when we our cheat meals consist of alcohol and a take away, such as your kfc weakness. If you need a treat at the weekend, aim for having one or the other.  

Yours in fitness


Bodybyrne Fitness – follow – here. 

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