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Peek Inside the Fridge: Lyn Moloney, Irish TV

Waterford County Matters presenter on Irish TV Lyn Moloney  has given us a sneak peek into her fridge and takes us through an average daily dietary pattern and exercise regime.


Body Stats:

Height 5.8

Weight 8 1/2 stone

Clothes 8-10

Food diary

BREAKFAST: Strong cup of tea with one sugar and brown toast with real butter, or sometimes a rasher sambo. The ultimate comfort food.

LUNCH: Usually soup or a toasted sambo with chicken, cheese and stuffing, and a cappuccino.

DINNER: I normally have chicken with lots of vegetables, pasta or rice, or else fish (battered cod), mushy peas and roast potatoes.

SNACKS: Mid morning, I’d have a cold Pink Lady apple out of the fridge, followed by a coffee and sometimes a Nature Valley cereal bar. Snacks during the day will always involve chocolate, cookies in particular. I drink water all day too.

photo 2


Just vitamin C at the minute.

Exercise I recently started back at the gym doing circuit training and feel great for it . It was hard to motivate myself to start but once I did there was no stopping me.


I couldn’t stick to a diet if I tried. I don’t diet and have never detoxed.


I like the occasional tipple of vodka and 7up when the opportunity presents itself to go on a night out.

photo 1

What would be your last meal?

Steak and chips followed by baileys cheesecake… Yum! !

Biggest Weakness

Butter. If I’m home alone I won’t cook and just have tea and toast.

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