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Peek Inside The Fridge With Joanne Larby



Height – 5.10

Weight – 10.10

Clothes – Size 10

Breakfast – I generally try to go for something high in protein first thing in the morning, so a vegetable omelette or eggs and smoked salmon would be regulars.

Lunch – Again protein based so a meat with veg or turkey burgers. Kerrigan meats do a great range of fitness foods so I buy a lot there.

Second Lunch/snack – Corncakes with some tuna and light mayo.

Dinner – Meat, vegetables, sweet potato or basmati rice.

Snacks – I try to save my calories for my main meals but I love Glenisk high protein natural yoghurts as a snack with blueberries and some sugar free syrup. I would also have a protein bar in my bag if necessary.

Alcohol – I am not a big drinker especially if I am eating clean and training, then I would be totally off alcohol but in the last while I would only have a glass of prosecco or a cocktail if at an event or a party.  I would rather save my calories for food than alcohol, I could go weeks without it.


Do you struggle with your weight?

It is not a struggle for me and I enjoy having a healthy diet but I like a balance. I live an 80/20 so I hit the gym hard but I like to find balance. I am not prone to putting on weight.

How often do you train or exercise?

I weight train at least five days a week and in corporate some cardio for roughly an hour daily.

Do you take any supplements?

Opti-women multivitamins and vitamin C in the purest form for cold and flus.

Do you have allergies?

No allergies, thankfully.

Any injuries?

A few years ago, I was in the gym and I wasn’t even training, I stood on one of the machines and fell over and ended up with a stress fracture.

Do you practice mindfulness?

Yes, I do, I would have had period in my life when I was very anxious or stressed. I downloaded the headspace app on my phone and have found that great or I listen to podcasts.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I love driving to the sea and turning off my phone and just meditating or unwinding.

Food favourites:  Italian food or tapas

Takeaway: Domino’s pizza

Hangover cure: Domino’s or if I am being good protein balls

Restaurant: Rustic Stone

Last Meal: Creamy pasta

Tipple: Gin and Tonic

TV snack: Nutella

Food store: Wholefoods






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