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This Penneys Dress Has Everyone Talking

Oh dear…

So people are in two different minds over this new dress in Penneys, but we love it.

As you’re all pretty well aware by now, gingham is one of the biggest trends this Spring/Summer.

So it’s no surprise that half of Instagram fell in love with this new long-length blue gingham number.

This not only has one massive trend going on, there’s two – the bell sleeves are also killing it.

However, the other half of Instagram are seriously unimpressed with it, and comments have been flooding in.

”Would not wear that if you paid me” wrote one follower.

”Ew. How is this a trend? The state of it” wrote another.

While another wrote: ‘‘Not a fan of this at all. It’s like something my nanny would wear”.

Still though, we’d wear it!

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