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Penneys Ireland Hilariously Prank Customers for April Fools Day


Penneys Ireland have annoyed A LOT of customers with this social media prank!

An April Fools Day video shared on the store’s Irish Facebook page has spread like wildfire today.

The popular budget brand took to Facebook to share a lengthy video of one of their brown paper bags being folded over and back and over and back repeatedly for a whole minute.

They captioned the video: “Can you believe we made THIS using only a Primark bag?! ?”

Many fans watched until the end, only to realise that the video was completely and utterly pointless!

The video has already racked up almost 390,000 views within hours of being posted.

Judging by some of the annoyed comments, a lot of Facebook users fell hook, line and sinker for the prank.

One wrote: “Could someone help me out here wat are they making ur ones just folding the bag”.

While another added: “Oh I fell for that very badly. Think I was watching it for about 5 minutes ???”.

A third said: “I’m so stupid I watched it twice ?”.

If you haven’t played a prank yet today, we suggest you give your friends a tag in this video….. Go on for the craic!


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